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Testimonials from Workwell Client Companies and Individuals

Testimonials from Employers…

I would just like to take a moment to tell you how nice it is to be associated with Workwell! Your group is very organized, and you do such a good job keeping us up-to-date on services (which are also many), training, sending us multiple location information, etc. Thank you. We are a very small company, but I know your services are as asset to any company.
- Greeley Employer


I wish I had Workwell Occupational Medicine clinics up and down the Front Range of Colorado. My employees would be served very well and I would sleep better at night.
- Loveland/Greeley Employer


We tried to use other designated medical providers closer to our facility, but we switched back to Workwell. The way we are treated at Workwell Occupational Medicine is far superior to any other medical clinics. Our employees receive great care and I am updated promptly about all aspects of their injury.
- Longmont Employer


The office staff took exceptional care of my needs...It was effortless and that’s what I look for in a provider. I hope nobody gets injured but if they do, I want everyone to use Workwell Occupational Medicine.
- Greeley Employer


I think Workwell does really well in terms of communication, service, and responsiveness, and is really effective at helping get employees back to work. One of my favorite things about Workwell is the W Window. I love using the W Window online access to monitor when my employees have appointments and to access the provider reports. It is so easy to confirm absence reports or track the changes in work restrictions over time through this platform. The information available in W Window helps me to see when appointments for referrals are scheduled and I can follow up with our carrier if it appears a request has not been authorized, which expedites care for our employees and keeps the claim moving forward.
- Claims & Safety Specialist, St. Vrain Valley School District


Workwell has done an outstanding job for us. Starting up a new manufacturing facility is not an easy task, especially when new hire physicals and occupational medicine are concerned. Workwell has been able to keep pace with our demanding schedule and extra medical needs. They’re quick to help and seek solutions to a unique set of problems. I’m very glad that I selected Workwell to be our preferred occupational health provider.
-Leprino Foods, Safety Manager, Greeley


From Individuals…

I actually had a good time in physical therapy and seeing the doctor. They really cared about me getting better!
-Loveland/Greeley Employee


My injury was bad. They made it better, quickly. It was that simple. I’m grateful to them for this.
-Loveland/Greeley Employee


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