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Recognizing the Value of Massage Therapy

Recognizing the Value of Massage Therapy

10:13 09 January in Corporate

massage therapy - workwell occupational medicine llc coloradoWhen we think of getting a massage, it is not uncommon that we think of laying on a table, with dim lights, Peruvian flute music playing in the background, and being immersed with warm oil while listening to sounds of the ocean crashing on the side of the rocks. There is definitely a place for this type of massage and it does have its benefits of relaxation. The truth is, massage therapy has many medical benefits:

  • It has been a practice for thousands of years.
  • Historians have recorded it being used in ancient medicine in China, Egypt, and India, adding it to Ayurvedic medicine.

Throughout my 10 years of practicing as a massage therapist, people ask me, who gets massage therapy? Many of my first timers will think this is only for the wealthy and believe it is a luxury. They experience their first massage, discover the immediate benefits, and continue to get it regularly to help with aches and pains. My patients have reported reduced pain levels, reduced inflammation, more range of motion, stress reduction, and overall feeling better to enjoy the things they enjoy doing in life.

People who receive massage are everyday people who have pain, injury, and a desire for well-being. My patients come from varying backgrounds with aches and sometimes chronic pain from illness or injury. Some patients are professional athletes, skilled workers (HVAC, mechanics, plumbers, oil workers, dental hygienists, dentist, hairdressers, RNs, CNAs, laborers, construction workers, janitorial staff, office workers, teachers, musicians, etc.). I will often see weekend warrior athletes, hobby-oriented people (crochet, knitters, jewelers, musicians, dancers, video gamers, etc.).

Massage therapy is helping people.

Now, we see massage therapy being accepted into the modern medical professions. Our patients are benefiting from receiving massage helping with acute, post-acute phases and post-surgery of an injury. Massage therapy can help with inflammation, restoring range of motion, reduce scar tissue, improve a sense of well-being, and most of all reduce anxiety.

— Michelle Hykes, LMT, CKTP, CNA, RYT

Michelle came to Workwell Occupational Medicine, LLC with a wide range of training. She received her LMT Certification in 2010 from the Academy of Natural Therapy and completed her CNA Certification through Aims Community College in 2011. In 2016, Michelle completed her KT1, 2, and 3 training and earned her CKTP Certification. Along with expanding her training, Michelle’s goal is to become a leader and innovator in integrative therapy in the medical profession. She is based at our Greeley location.

Did you know that massage therapy is not an OSHA recordable? There are plenty of cases when an employee can get back to work and healthy with massage rather than physical therapy. Workwell has certified massage therapists in all of our clinics; we’re offering this to elevate our commitment to providing the appropriate care all while protecting your OSHA recordables. Reach out to find out more about our massage therapy services!

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