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Individual HealthcareWorkwell occupational health clinics provide the best quality workers’ comp and injury care services for job-related injuries and illnesses. Our experienced, personable medical providers are ready to listen to your situation and hear about your illness or injury, then create a treatment plan to help you heal. Our clinics offer a wide range of convenient healthcare services, such as chiropractic, physiatry, and physical therapy, that normally you only find at a hospital. We want to help you heal quickly and get you back on the job.

Our walk-in clinics are comfortable and welcoming, and there’s usually no waiting to see the medical provider. No appointment for injuries is necessary, although we do request one for physicals. We have six convenient locations, so when you are injured, you can go to the clinic closest to work or your job site. If there’s one that’s closer to your home, you can follow up there.

If you’re injured outside of our office hours, go to an urgent care clinic or emergency room depending on the severity of your injury, then come to a Workwell clinic the next day so we can get you started in the workers’ comp system. We accept all forms of workers’ compensation insurance; however, our services are for occupational health only and we don’t accept private forms of insurance for non-work related injuries or illnesses.

To learn more about the workers’ comp system, see our FAQ for individuals.

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