Ergonomic Evaluations and Other Services Provided Through Workwell Include:

These screenings can help employers hire candidates and employ workers who are physically capable of effectively doing essential job functions. This can, in turn, reduce employers’ injury exposure and also limit the risk of hiring personnel with pre-existing conditions.

It doesn’t matter if your staff works in an industrial, office, governmental, healthcare, or retail setting. We know that employees require proper nutrition, hydration, and conditioning to perform their essential job tasks. This is not unlike professional athletes who train at high levels. At Workwell, we take a sports medicine approach to the industrial athlete. Work can be very physically taxing. It calls for proper flexibility, strengthening, and cardiovascular conditioning so that employees, too, can perform at high levels. 

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Our new Lakewood, CO location is now open. Come see us at the address below.

 Located at 1687 Cole Blvd, Suite 150, Lakewood, CO 80401N