Ergonomic Evaluations and Employee Training

Workwell offers a proactive approach to occupational health that starts with safety. We include experts in ergonomics on our medical staff that can perform ergonomic evaluations and assessments on employees help to limit their risk of injury. The term ergonomics applies to the relationship between workers and their environment. It involves arranging things in the environment so workers can use them safely and efficiently.

Ergonomic Evaluations and Other Services Provided Through Workwell Include:

A job site analysis is an objective, detailed ergonomic assessment that identifies ergonomic health risks for employees. It also includes recommendations on improvements for specific workplace conditions. Some of the risk factors evaluated during the on-site analysis include repetition, force, static contractions, body mechanics, temperature, vibration, and work/rest cycle duration.

This service includes performing a formal job site analysis of a position. Our ergonomics professionals detail essential functions of the job using digital photography, force measurements, lifting requirements, and postures in a written report. In addition, if desired, we can also develop a physical abilities test based upon the formal job description and analysis. This test is an ADA-compliant assessment to determine a person’s ability to safely and effectively perform the job. The test could include material handling, postural demands, cardiovascular demands, and baseline range of motion of desired body parts.

Lifting and carrying activities are part of most occupational tasks. Our body mechanics training program analyzes the change of force the body experiences when a load being carried or lifted is manipulated. We can teach the patient or employee how to stay in an anatomically correct posture while performing various tasks related to work and activities of daily living. This posture also reduces the negative effects on the musculoskeletal system. Body mechanics training can be performed in the clinic or on-site. If performed on-site, we can provide training to all shifts.

These screenings can help employers hire candidates and employ workers who are physically capable of effectively doing essential job functions. This can, in turn, reduce employers’ injury exposure and also limit the risk of hiring personnel with pre-existing conditions.

To help empower managers, we can provide basic and advanced ergonomics classes. In these classes, we discuss office settings, the equipment and devices that fit the human body, and the relationship between workers and their environment. We provide information on basic anatomy and physiology of the upper extremities and spine, and concepts related to physics and leverage. We also identify risk factors associated with prolonged postures and ergonomically challenged workstations. Classes include information on up-to-date ergonomic solutions and teach company management how to perform basic ergonomic evaluations.

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It doesn’t matter if your staff works in an industrial, office, governmental, healthcare, or retail setting. We know that employees require proper nutrition, hydration, and conditioning to perform their essential job tasks. This is not unlike professional athletes who train at high levels. At Workwell, we take a sports medicine approach to the industrial athlete. Work can be very physically taxing. It calls for proper flexibility, strengthening, and cardiovascular conditioning so that employees, too, can perform at high levels. 

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Scott Sullivan, MHA, RKT, ATC, CSHE, CSFA

Manager of Ergonomic Programs

Scott has served as an Athletic Trainer for the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He was a member of the USA medical staff for the 2005 Summer World University Games in Ismir, Turkey, and was chosen again as a Certified Athletic Trainer for the 2007 World University Games in Bangkok, Thailand providing sports medicine to the US athletes competing in the games. Scott joined Workwell in 2008 and continues to exceed expectations in developing programs for our clients, and providing care for patients.

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