Workers’ Comp Injury Care

Workwell Occupational Medicine, LLC specializes in workers’ compensation services. We are the largest independent work-related injury care provider in Colorado. We help you protect your business by taking care of your employees and making the often-frustrating world of workers’ compensation and work-related injuries easy to manage.

At Workwell, we understand the rules that are OSHA-recordable and what are not. We know what keeps employees off work and what doesn’t. Our expertise isn’t primary care, but workers’ compensation and the systems surrounding it. We focus on the balance between the workers’ comp guidelines for the injury or the illness, the needs of the employer, the needs of the patient, and the requirements of the insurance carrier. We make it easy by managing the whole process, providing prompt communication to the employer and insurance carrier on the status of the employee and the claim throughout.

When an Employee is Injured on the Job

When an employee experiences a workplace injury or illness, our Level II-accredited medical providers manage the entire episode of care. This continuity includes contacting employer representatives about each injury and coordinating all occupational health care services related to the employee’s healing and recovery.

Then our friendly staff members effectively communicate information required for all state- and employer-mandated workers’ compensation reports, screening results, and appointment details to employer representatives, which you can access using our WWindow portal.  That way you are fully aware of any and all activities within the Workwell facilities related to your employee. We type up and email reports to the designated company contact through our state-of-the-art medical records system. At Workwell, we maintain all medical records electronically to aid in communication and reduce error.

On the employee care side, our medical providers establish the doctor/patient relationship through a detailed evaluation of the employee’s condition. Our goal is to build trust and rapport with patients so we can provide the best treatment.  We provide employees with complete information that fully describes their injury or illness, the treatment guidelines and standard of care that we will use, and other important information. Our goal is to illustrate the importance of the injured employee’s participation and responsibility in the healing process to get him or her back to work as soon as possible.

With Workers’ Compensation Services from Workwell, You’ll Find:

  • Quality care for your injured employees
  • Aggressive management of workers’ compensation cases
  • Faster time for patient recovery, leading to fewer legal claims
  • Strict adherence to the State of Colorado workers’ comp guidelines
  • Convenient urgent care facilities designed exclusively for work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Immediate medical attention available from experienced, understanding staff
  • Comfortable, accessible clinics with minimal waiting
  • Convenient follow-up appointments
  • Limited on-site pharmacy
  • Direct communication to employers and insurance companies to make workers’ compensation easy on the employer
  • Specialized medical providers trained in occupational medicine: board-certified and Level II accredited
  • Low patient volume and high service that comes from serving only our company clients and their employees
  • Appropriate modified duty programs
  • Exercise-based physical therapy services
  • Spanish-speaking medical providers and translators available
  • WWindow™ online portal access for claims information
  • WWeCare™ convenient access to our providers from home or work with your mobile device or computer

Questions about workers’ compensation? See our Workers’ Comp FAQ.

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