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Ergonomic FAQs

Ergonomic FAQs

11:42 28 February in Corporate
wooden skeletonWhat is a Job Site Analysis/Evaluation?
A job site analysis is an objective, detailed evaluation identifying health ergonomic risk and recommendations for improving specific workplace conditions. Some of the risk factors which are evaluated during the on-site analysis include:
  • Repetition
  • Force
  • Static contractions
  • Body mechanics
  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Work/rest cycle duration

Why develop Functional Job Descriptions and Physical Abilities Testing?

A formal job site analysis incorporates digital photography, force measurements, lifting requirements, and postures to depict essential functions of a specific job, and is presented in a formal report provided to the employer. After evaluating the essential functions of the job, a physical abilities test can be designed to include material handling, postural demands, and cardiovascular demands; as well as baseline range of motion of desired body parts, if desired. These tests are ADA compliant assessments to determine a person’s ability to safely and effectively perform a specific job.

Can Body Mechanics Training and Post-Offer Screens Help Reduce the Risk of Injuries?

Lifting and carrying activities are part of most occupational tasks. Body mechanics training can be used to analyze the change of forces the body experiences while manipulating a load that is carried or lifted.

This training can also be helpful in teaching the employee the means by which to stay in an anatomically correct posture when performing work-related tasks while reducing the negative effects on the musculoskeletal system. Post-offer and return-to-work screens can help employers hire candidates and employ a workforce that is physically capable of doing essential job functions at effective levels. This can, in turn, reduce employers; injury exposure and limit the risk of hiring employees with pre-existing conditions.

What Can we Learn in an Ergonomics Class?

Basic and advanced ergonomic classes are available through Workwell. These classes provide detailed education in the field of Ergonomics, targeting manufacturing of office settings, the equipment and devices that fit the human body, and the relationship between workers and their environment.

Classes include information about basic anatomy and physiology of the upper extremities and spine, concepts related to physics and leverage, identifying risk factors associated with prolonged postures, and identifying ergonomically challenging workstations.

Whether it is in the field, in our clinics, or at your place of business, we are here to help. Contact Scott Sullivan today to learn more about our ergonomic services and solutions. We want to keep your staff safe, healthy, happy, and engaged about safety in the workplace.

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