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Occupational Health & Injury Care

MBI places a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of the American workforce while also offering value to employers through timely management of the claim. The services we provide encompass a wide range of offerings to cater to various aspects of occupational care.


By providing a comprehensive suite of services, MBI aims to contribute to the health, safety, and productivity of the workforce while also supporting employers in managing their occupational health and safety responsibilities efficiently.

mbi occupational health and injury care services - medicine for business and industry

Specialized medical care for work-related injuries, facilitating the recovery process and supporting the safe return of employees to work.

Providing prompt medical attention to minor workplace injuries and health concerns, ensuring timely treatment and care.

Conduct health assessments for prospective employees to determine their fitness for specific job demands and identify potential health-related obstacles.

Administering drug screening tests to ensure a safe and drug-free work environment, promoting employee safety and productivity.

Offering rehabilitative services to aid in the recovery of injured workers, helping them regain their functionality and return to work.

Patients continue to work with our therapy department after injury rehab goals have been achieved, to condition the employee for return to physically demanding jobs by simulating work-specific tasks.


Select States Only

Providing an efficient and streamlined way for employers to report and manage workplace incidents and injuries digitally.

Patients can be referred to our internal specialists including orthopedics, hand surgery, and physiatry to expedite their treatment when more than conservative treatment is required. Varies By State

Patients suffering from the psychological effects of their workplace injury can access our remote counseling services to expedite their physical and mental recovery.

Chiropractic Care*
Providing chiropractic care services for employees in Colorado, supplementing functional-based rehab services in order to restore range of motion and functional movement.

Massage Therapy*
Offering massage therapy to treat minor sprains/strains as well as mobility restrictions from more severe injuries.

*(Select States Only)

*Certifications and accreditations vary by state. Some services may not be available in all centers.

Committed to our Patients & Partners

MBI is a full scope occupational medicine practice. By focusing only on occupational health and injury care, we deliver accessible high quality services to the patient and employer with little hassle factor. We pride ourselves in meeting employers expectations on access to care, communication, and rapid delivery of results so you can keep your business operating smoothly. We strive to impress your employees, our patients, with high quality evidence based medical care that is rare within the workers compensation system.


Comprehensive & Compassionate

By integrating medical care, rehab services, and occupational testing services, we provide a comprehensive occupational health solution to the patients and employers we serve.

Treating occupational injury is our core focus. We provide expert injury assessment for musculoskeletal conditions, eye injuries, head injuries, lacerations, burns, and illnesses resulting from occupational exposures. Patients are seen frequently early in their course of recovery to ensure they are recovering as expected, responding to the treatment plan, and following modified duty recommendations when needed.


Our focus at MBI is restoring injured workers to their previous state of health before the work injury occurred. Using a multidisciplinary approach including medical treatments, physical therapy, selective rehab services, and collaborative communication between the injured worker and their employer, our providers excel at providing top-level medical care within the workers’ compensation arena.


Physical therapy at MBI is an integral part of the MBI early intervention injury care model. Our physical therapists produce industry-leading recovery times and exceptional return-to-work outcomes by providing occupational focussed rehabilitation. MBI physical therapy helps expedite recovery for the injured worker no matter what type of musculoskeletal injury or body part was impacted.


At MBI, our treatment goals are always to restore a patient’s prior level of function so they can once again perform at their peak potential on and off the job. Our physical therapists reduce the psychological impacts often experienced by patients with work-related injuries by reducing fear associated with movement and use of injured body parts, and providing reassurance to the patient along the recovery pathway. Our therapists are experts in educating our patients on managing their condition and setting recovery goals.


Because injured workers are our therapists’ sole focus, rehab is dedicated to functional based benchmarks the worker must accomplish to return back to work and restore peak health. Our therapists communicate with our medical providers on the patient’s progress and recovery to ensure a seamless treatment plan is accomplished for the patient.


MBI offers multiple medical screening physical exams to determine if an employee is medically qualified for a job, and to ensure they are safe when performing that job. Exams offered include:

  • Pre-employment medical evaluations
  • Pre-employment lift testing/physical abilities testing
  • Return to work evaluation (employee returning from non work-related medical condition)
  • Fit for duty evaluation (medical condition that may interfere with employees ability to perform current job)
  • FMCSA Commercial Driver Medical Certification Exam (DOT)
  • OSHA surveillance exams: Silica, Asbestos, Hexavalent Chromium
  • Occupational hearing loss evaluations
  • HAZMAT Physicals
  • Peace Officer and Firefighter physicals

MBI offers the screening exams/tests:

  • Audiogram
  • Spirometry
  • Fit testing
  • Chest Xray
  • Pre-employment, post accident, and reasonable suspicion drug testing
  • DOT regulated drug testing
  • EKG
  • EKG stress testing (select locations)
  • Lab Testing
  • MRO

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Our brand of dedicated recovery care is unique. With locations across multiple states, we provide your employees with convenient access to care.


We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Call us today or find one of our many convenient MBI locations near you!

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