Lift Testing

Lift testing screens potential candidates for employment at our Colorado business clients for pre-existing injuries or limitations that would hinder their ability to perform essential job functions. This testing focuses on the actual physical demands of the job that the candidate would be doing and the ability of the candidate to meet those demands. These tests can also be used for fit-for-duty and return-to-work physicals.

The lift testing we perform is based on OSHA guidelines, and we generally suggest lifting 50 pounds. We have created five generic testing templates employers can choose from to ensure the test best represents the specific job functions. Each test has a cost associated with the time required to perform the test.

The employer can customize these templates to match job descriptions, job site assessments, or previous test parameters. Tests may include the use of shovels, ladders, stairs, lifting, and push/pull scenarios. Our tests can accommodate most any testing parameters needed to meet the job duties.

Functional Job Descriptions

Lift testing starts with a functional job description for the employee to be tested. If your company doesn’t have one, we can create one for you. This service involves performing a formal job site analysis of a position. Our ergonomics professionals detail essential functions of the job using digital photography, force measurements, lifting requirements, and postures in a written report.

In addition, if desired, we can also develop a physical abilities test based upon the formal job description and analysis. This test is an ADA-compliant assessment to determine a person’s ability to safely and effectively perform the job. The test could include material handling, postural demands, cardiovascular demands, and baseline range of motion of desired body parts.

Lift Testing is Ideal for Employee Screening

The Workwell lift tests are a catch-all. They can help employers screen candidates during the hiring process by reviewing healthy joint function and good physical condition. Lift testing can even help employees understand proper, safe lifting techniques and postures while performing job functions. Ultimately, lift testing may reduce the employer’s risk of inheriting employees with pre-existing injuries and maintain a safer workplace.

Workwell staff physical therapists or physical therapist assistants medically supervise each lift test. They take vitals and have each candidate complete a medical history questionnaire. If any components fall outside normal limits, a physician will review them prior to the test to clear the candidate for the testing process.

We can perform lift testing at any Workwell Colorado clinic location once the employer establishes the protocol, signs a waiver, and returns the waiver to Workwell.

Contact us to learn more about lift testing and other services we provide at our Colorado clinics.

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