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Employer-Sponsored Worksite Wellness and Medical Clinic Services

arrowWorkwell Occupational Medicine has the experience, proven medical model, staff resources, and industry trust to help you establish a successful wellness and medical clinic for your employees.

Through a worksite clinic, employees can find help with urgent and primary care, wellness, health improvement, lifestyle changes, and condition management. An onsite clinic supports workforce health and productivity and significantly reduces your healthcare costs across the board.



  • Lower claim costs
  • Fewer lost days
  • Lower absentee rates


  • Higher employee morale and retention
  • Improved bottom line
  • Lower absentee rates

What Can Continuity Care Worksite Clinics Do?

  • Continuity CareProvide immediate care for urgent and acute health issues
  • Treat chronic conditions
  • Manage health risks, medical conditions, and diseases
  • Coordinate in-network specialist referrals
  • Complement the care provided by the employee’s personal physician
  • Conduct health assessments and compliance services
  • Organize wellness programs for happier, healthier employees
  • Diagnose & treat workers’ compensation cases and medical circumstances that impact employee health and productivity on the job
  • Provide pre- and post-employment occupational testing services

Return on Investment for Worksite Clinics: As high as $3-$6 for every $1 spent.1


Question: What if we don’t have space for an onsite clinic?

Answer: Many employers house clinics near the worksite instead of onsite, taking advantage of available offsite space nearby. If you can provide the space, we will do the rest.

Unhealthy employees that could benefit from wellness services:

  • 2 times more likely to have a work-related claim
  • 7 times higher than average cost per claim
  • 3 times longer to return to duty

Completely customize your worksite clinic services based on the needs of your organization:

  • DoctorUrgent care
  • Primary care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational health care and employment testing
  • Condition management and care coordination
  • Onsite pharmacy
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Workplace safety
  • Wellness screening and coaching

Continuity Care came back from our initial conversations with a plan. They designed the clinic space, ordered all the equipment, including the EMR, and recruited and managed the staff. All we had to do was provide the space. It was so easy!”

Worksite Clinic Benefits for Employers:

  • Worksite ClinicOffer employees preventive and urgent care services more effectively than traditional care clinics
  • Provide health and wellness services to dependents to reduce family healthcare costs
  • Enhance occupational health and safety services
  • Reduce lost work time and accelerate return-to-work time
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Create a hub within your organization for health and wellness activities
  • Establish your organization as an employer of choice

Return on Investment for Worksite Clinics: As high as $3-$6 for every $1 spent.1

Save 25% on Healthcare Costs

Workplace health programs can lead to 25% savings on absenteeism, health care costs, and workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs.2

Learn more about Continuity Care by Workwell. Contact us today! 303.827.3158, info@workwellworks.com

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1http://www.cerner.com/uploadedFiles/Content/Solutions/Employers/Consulting_Relationships/Research_Employer_ROI_FINAL.pdf. 2http://www.cdc.gov/workplacehealthpromotion/businesscase/benefits/costs.html

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